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Dark Kitchen Design

Dark Kitchhen

Job Location: Ardross, Perth

Cabinet Maker: Wood & Form Cabinets

This modern kitchen, with its elegant dark timber finish, exudes sophistication. The kitchen top, a stunning marble masterpiece, perfectly complements the kitchen island which features a built-in wine rack, combining luxury with functionality. Above, stylish kitchen pendants cast a warm glow, highlighting the timber's rich tones and the sleek marble top. The addition of floating shelves offers a practical display space, enhancing the kitchen's contemporary charm. This space is a perfect blend of modern design elements, creating a kitchen that's as beautiful as it is functional.

Kitchen Cabinets
Dark timber kitchen

Door Colours                             Benchtop
Perugian Walnut                    Carrara Havanna           

Door style
Flat doors

Carrara Havanna
Polytec perugian walnut.jpeg
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