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The Details

A home library is a sanctuary for book lovers, offering a serene space to immerse in literature. This modern design boasts thick timber shelving, providing ample space for a vast collection of books, while sleek white base drawers add a touch of elegance and practicality for storage. Opposite the shelves, a stylish TV cabinet offers entertainment options, seamlessly integrated into the room's design. The addition of a convenient kitchenette ensures that snacks and refreshments are always within reach, making this home library not just a place to read, but a cozy, multi-functional retreat.

Project Location

Floreat, Perth

Cabinet Maker

Wood & Form Cabinets

Custom Designer


Project Gallery

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Design & Finishes

Design Colours

Custom Cabinet Makers, Perth

A home library fosters a love for reading. This modern design features thick timber shelves, white base drawers.

Design Type

Home Library Design

Design Style

Timber Shelving with White Base Cabinets

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