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Coastal Kitchen Design

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The Details

For our coastal-inspired kitchen design, we opted for white door finishes paired with matching white benchtops and glass panel doors, aiming to achieve a beachy and elegant aesthetic. The use of glass panel doors not only adds a touch of sophistication but also allows natural light to permeate the space, enhancing the overall airy and open feel reminiscent of coastal homes.

To further enhance the seaside ambiance, we carefully selected kitchen splash back tiles with beautiful patterns that reflect light in a way that mimics the shimmering effect of ocean waters. These tiles not only create a visual spectacle but also evoke a sense of oceanic glitter and the delicate beauty of seashells, adding depth and character to the kitchen's design theme.

Project Location

Coolbinia, Perth

Cabinet Maker

Wood & Form Cabinets

Kitchen Designer

Wood & Form Cabinets

Project Gallery

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Design & Finishes

Door Colours

Door Style

Flat and Glass Doors

Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet with Glass Doors

Benchtop Colours

Kitchen Cabinet Makers, Perth

We believe every kitchen should be designed based on each individual's needs. A kitchen designed to your needs will make cooking a joyful experience. There are endless styles that you can choose from for your kitchen. 

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